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Adding unified logging

"log": "debug" for the integration

@marton It is the wrong place her, but I found 2 things:

  • Features now cannot contain blanks. So in the config.json for “remote” “POWER TOGGLE” and “CHANNEL UP” must be changed to “POWER_TOGGLE” and “CHANNEL_UP”.

  • In the previous version a new config.json was copied automatically to the “appPath”. Now it seems that it is not done.


Until web configurator supports control of logging you can use my simple simulator app to play with logging. “QUEUE” must be enabled to display log in the simulator app.

Thanks @ChristianRiedl!
The config.json is not updated yet on github I can see. It is written with underscore here.

@ChristianRiedl just to be sure:
when a log entry is made, will teh timestamp be in utc, or in local time? and if local time, can it be changed to utc (or utc added in () ?) because, when there are communication errors with external sources and this is placed into the logfiles and a user submit such a report, it makes it easier to determine the source of failure whan one time is used instead of checking which timezone the remote currently is using.

if you need further informations or did have other questions, let me know.

@Carp3-noctem Ok, I will change it to UTC.

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