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API to control YIO?

Dear all,

Does it make sense to think about a YIO API? One where you could use another device, e.g. mycroft, to control YIO? In this particular case it would enable voice control.

Thank you for your consideration, kind regards,

i agree and not only for voice control
i think it could be great because depending on the context you could change the remote
for instance :

  • if a movie start playing the remote could change to show the control of the TV
  • if i receive a notification for someone at the door the remote could change to show button like show the camera, open the door, etc

So if the automation hub could change the interface shown depending of the context could be nice (like when you change room)

Hi @maik and @bobzer!

There is already a YIO API :slight_smile: We use that to communicate with the web configurator. We are constantly expanding the capabilities of it. On top of that, there is also an API available for the YIO Dock. So you can control these devices even independently. The remote and dock communicate with each other through these APIs.

The documentation is very spare at the moment, but we are working on improving that and writing about all the features.

@bobzer the automatic control feature is already implemented in the form of the mini media player that pops up whenever a media is playing, being music or movie. When you open it you have basic controls over that media player or device.

The second part is on the todo list :slight_smile:

The room changing part is implemented with bluetooth beacons at the moment, but it could be easily extended to have a hub control the UI.


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Just saw the second Livestream Video and I like to ask if it will be possible to send the recorded Audio command to mycroft rather then google or alexa?


If mycroft has an API, that can receive audio, it should be possible.