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Apple HomeKit Support

Apple has just released an open-source version of the HomeKit Accessory Development Kit. You can now fork it on GitHub and play around with it to integrate smart home devices in the Home app and beyond. Everything has been released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Knowing this, it would be great to see support for Apple HomeKit in/with the YIO Remote :wink:
Hopefully someone on the forum, maybe @marton or @Nklerk can make this happen?
Would be awesome, right?!

Yeah it would be cool :slight_smile:
Our backlog is growing and growing.

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This is definitely something I’ll look into. If we can control devices using HomeKit then that would be great. If it’s advertising devices solely then I don’t see an immediate need as most HA controllers can do this probably better then a battery powered device.

@jeroendd Didn’t you also code? If you do then please give the YIO remote a try on your computer and compile it. There are several integrations (plugins) ready to play with, also you can have a look at the homey integration (plugin). I’m very interested in your thoughts there and maybe you feel like building new integrations yourself, that would be awsome.

@Nklerk Sadly I don’t code :frowning: I’ve tried several times during my life, but mostly because of the fact that don’t use/need it in my daily work I very quickly forget about the language and it’s rules. That sad I also find very hard to do. When I see the different conversations on this forum and seethe snippets, the repositories and the inside knowledge of a lot of different solutions/systems, I’m overwelmed and impressed. I love to see people like yourself placing so much effort into this project, especially when they try to make it right, right in the thought of make it as quick and less code as possible and make it as visually appealing as they can, @marton does/did a great job on the UX/UI. So to summarise I can not help code, the thing I’m doing now is some of the translating work to make sure the Dutch interface is correct :wink:

Well im dyslexic so sure you’ll do a better job in the translations :grin:. No worries about the coding part!

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