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Apple Music and AirPlay 2 Support?

Wouldn’t it be possible to have Apple Music and / or airplay 2 support included to control HomePod via YIO remote?

AirPlay 2 is available at GitHub I guess.

Any thoughts?

@simoasis Welcome to the Community.

We did already spy into controlling Apple TV. Since Apple is using the same Protocol for nearly every control, this may be working some day.

But to be sure, what source did you imagine to be available? Actually Airplay / Airplay 2 must use a source and then transfers this to the Speaker (e.g. Apple Music does need an API for that) Airplay (2) itself is only the Overhand of the Music to an other device.

Actual the Spotify Integration is exactly like that, it scrolls through Spotify and let you stream the music to all Spotify connect enabled devices.

I dunno if Apple Music is that open, but if you have more Information about an API (official or in official) you are welcome to provide it here or even better over on the GitHub project related to this topic under the reference column:

Here’s first view on airplay 2:


I’m wondering if something could be done via the web based interface Apple launched recently:


There’s also MusicKit JS:


There was a third party Apple Music web player for a short while that was built off of that and I believe it provided full access to the Apple Music at the time:

Willing to bet the official web player is built on the same framework.

And to further follow up. Looks like the code to that unofficial player is open sourced and up on GitHub:

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Apple Music is officially available via web browser via https://music.apple.com

Could this be an entry point of implementation or just mirroring? :thinking:

Displaying a web page would be very slow, but maybe there’s something there that could be used :slight_smile: