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Apple TV (tvOS) Two-Way IP Control Support

I would appreciate support for the control of the Apple TV with tvOS. Big brand solutions like Savant and Crestron support the control of the ATV over Two-Way IP and even bring Apple’s SIRI support to their remote(s). Would be great to use my Apple TV beyond the standard control by IR.

Link: Savant - Two-Way IP with Siri
Link: Crestron - Two-Way IP with HomeKit support

It doesn’t support all the different control options like the ATV remote does and IR also doesn’t support Two-Way communication for example; Cover Art and Timeline support during media playback.

This is also on my priority list. If anyone has any idea where to start, please do share links :slight_smile:

@marton maybe this helps?

pyATV - Apple TV Remote Control Library
Firecore AirControl - 3rd Party Control API (beta)

Thanks @jeroendd. I didn’t know this firecore thing. Will look into it.

I know it’s the mediaremote protocol. PyATV was using an older version or something like that.

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I have added some links to the project page. Found libraries, that we might be able to use.