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Bluetooth Config of Dock


I know I’m late and it took me several months till i have found the time to assemble the first of my kits, But now i’m stucked with the dock.

After the first trial and using the web portal i got everything up and running but on the wrong wifi network. I searched for some options and finally used platformio, wiped the dock and uploaded the current master build of the firmware (build from current github master)

Unfortunately it did work … Which means I now have a virgin Dock which waits for bluetooth config

[BLUETOOTH] Initialized. Ready for setup.

This didn’t work in the initial Handpiece connect and even after a couple of resets (using a fresh 1.0.0 sd card on the remote) it still isn’t able to configure via bluetooth.

This is not a big problem but the dock also no longer opens a setup wifi network which would allow the configuration there.

I’m going to fix this with a custom firmware build that adds a serial interface to set those values, but i was wondering if i may have missed something in the process.


Hi Stefan,

I’m glad you managed to make it work. The WiFi AP library was removed from the dock, because it was causing stability issues.

You can send over your credentials via bluetooth serial: