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Bug in WIFI sleep

To preserve power, I have the set the wifi power off setting to 10 minutes. But when waking the remote, it seems that the wifi won’t go online again. Looking in the settings, the wifi is still turned of but won’t turn on manually either. Have to reboot to get it online again.

It’s a bit hard to debug, can’t ssh into it without the wifi in the first place :smiley:

@zynex As @zehnm has written over at Discord, you may like to do the following Troubleshooting to further tackle the issue:

A few questions first to narrow down the issue:
- Which wifi channels do you use?
- Is the 2.4 GHz network active? (Pi Zero only supports 2.4)
- Are you using multiple access points with roaming?
- Do you see a list of Wifi networks in the setup screen? Or is it completely empty?
- If you put a pre-configured wpa_supplicant.conf on the boot partition: do you see the remote connecting to wifi on your router? Do you see the dhcp server handing out an ip address?

If all this doesn't help we need the log files in /var/log: do you have a Linux machine / VM with a sd card reader?
/var is an ext4 partition and is not readable on Windows or macOS.
However, the log output of the app can easily be re-configured to put on the boot partition:
1. Create a directory on the boot partition called log 
2. Edit config.json in the boot partition and set settings.logging.path to: "/boot/log"

Be careful with posting the log files: They contain your wifi password, SSID and MAC address!
Search and replace the sensitive information first, and you can post them in a private message to me.

I had a weird issue lately with my new setup using multiple UniFi APs in roaming mode. The remote could connect, got an IP, but then suddenly lost it again. This was clearly visible in the remote log files. I wonder if it's something similar.

Yeah I have the same problem sometimes, need to switch it of and on again to make it work. A simple loop to repeated try connecting to wifi in the code should work

Same here…need any log…???

I have both 2.4 and 5G in active on my network, both have the same SSID. Although, I do have some odd problems in general with my Asus router, but related to other stuff. I’m about to build my own gateway with a AP connected to that one instead, but don’t think that’s the issue here? Other devices connect to it without any problems. But I will try using the AP I have for testing and see if that might fix it.

I do see the AP in the remote, but sometimes I get a blank row under the on/off switch, and the AP listed under other networks. I just noticed that it doesn’t connect anymore at all, even after reboot. I will have to look into that. Trying to activate the WiFi crash the remote.

I’m a all Linux user, so that won’t be a problem :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Just tried the other AP, with a seperate SSID for 2.4G but get the same issue. WiFi won’t come online when waking the remote, and I can’t manually activate it either. Have to reboot it.

You may check out the Bluetooth console Branch that @zehnm created. You might see more details what is happening.