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Buttons arrived


I’ve gotten some samples for the buttons. They look great and work as expected. That is good news as this was the last missing part for the remote.

However I noticed that the assembly process is a bit too complicated and I could exclude one part by redesigning the housing a bit. I did that and I’m waiting for the new prototypes. Hopefully this is the last change :slight_smile: Just want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for the future kit owners to assemble.

Meanwhile the wait, I’ll keep updating the software part with new functions and features.


Please excuse the ugly hot glue :slight_smile:


Hmmm… maybe should use arrows up/down and +/- instead of ch and vol? They are context buttons not a tv remote after all.

Looks awesome otherwise!

Thanks @yuri!

I think most of the people who will use this remote would have some sort of entertainment system, where the volume buttons would make sense. No matter what the label, you’ll be able to reprogram the buttons.

Yeah, but I don’t watch tv at all, so channels is not relevant, and to think it could also be used for changing scenes or something like that. And volume buttons could be used to change light brightness, so more universal buttons make more sense

You can definitely do these in software. It’s hard to satisfy everybody’s needs with the labels. I am open to suggestions what the labels could be.

I vote arrows up/down instead of ch and +/- instead of vol. kinda like this lg remote

Also imho “ok” is not needed, less words means it’s more universal in terms of supporting different languages/locales, and central button is kinda obvious to be confirm button

On this remote the +/- and the arrows also have an icon showing that it’s volume and channels. But I get your point. I’ll try to make something and see how it looks.

The OK is kind of universal I think in any language :slight_smile:

I kind of agree. Most of my watching is with apps on Android TV so channels are usually unnecessary. It’s not a big deal, but it is slightly annoying to see “ch” but know that it does something completely different. Although I can see how using it for television and not having them marked appropriately could be annoying as well.

However, if it’s still going to be possible to print our own buttons then we can change them to whatever we want.

I hear you, but it’s impossible to cater for all the different needs.

I went to a factory to produce some samples. I had to pay for the mould and then the stencil for the silkscreening. If you have the tools you can of course create your own buttons with your own icons, but for the kit, there will be one option.

I am not sure how many will sign up for pre-order and even if we reach the minimum 100 units, it’s still way too low quantity to do any variation without significantly increasing the price.