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Cannot connect to Home Assistant

Hi all,

I finally got around to complete the assembly of the remote today and it all worked out very well.

However, I am not able to connect the remote to my Home Assistant.
I have followed the guide in this thread Discovered Integrations Crash my remote but the remote keeps saying that it cannot connect to (which is my internal HA ip, I have also tried my public HA https address but same result). If I curl (ssh into the remote) to the ip using the long lived access token it works just fine. Any logs I can look at to try to figure out why this does not works?

I am on remote 0.4.3 and home assistant 0.114.1


I’m glad you managed to put it all together and that it works fine :slight_smile:

The newest remote-software version is 0.5.2 and the home assistant plugin is 0.5.1. Make sure to use these latest versions.

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Thanks, upgrading to latest fixed it all.
I actually thought I was on latest because I only looked at the remote os. But now I learned about the different components.

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Hi Marton,

Just wondering how this is done, doing those versions, as I tried (I think - maybe missed something) to do the latest stable release but had the same problem and had to use the master branch…

Are there some steps to follow? I think the reason the problem comes up is that it can’t connect to self signed SSL certificates and at the moment my instance has this?


Hi Matt,

If you’re using the built in updater, please refer to this:

If you are downloading binaries manually from github, always use the latest release.

I too cannot connect to home assistant…
remote is v0.5.2
Home assistant says: Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from remote’s ip"
Is the plugin required?
If so how do I install it please.


What version of the home assistant integration are you using?
Did you create a long lived access token in HA?
Is your HA setup with SSL?
Do you access your HA instance from external networks?