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Conditional in "recipes"


I would love the possibility to do some sort of conditional statements in “recipes”.

As Tosko, I would like to have light scenes that can be activated together with other things:

[Movie mode] -> Dim some lights, turn others off + close blinds.

BUT I would like to add more conditionals:

[Movie mode] -> IF (it is after sunset OR it is still bright outside (lux)) -> Don’t do anything to the lights ELSE Dim some lights, turn others off + close blinds.

I hope this makes sense - elsewise I’ll happily explain further.

Hi @LarsenPedersen

I pretty much like the idea. I am planning to configure something similar for my situation @ home sooner or later.

But for now I think we should be combining existing available platforms to achieve your goal. This remote is set up as actually a remote and the brains are mainly in your home automation software like Home Assistant for example. So if this was supposed to work right now, I think this should be set up by bundeling powers like Yio Remote + HA and use Node-Red to do the IF and ELSE statements. The remote could then solely use the flows designed in Node-RED.

To my knowledge, you wouldn’t want to have an intelligent system like this within the Remote software and have a small window to do and configure it all. If Marton decides to build this anyway, then I think a desktop software application is needed to design configurations like that. Then export it as some file (either XML or JSON) to then load the intelligence into the Yio Remote.

Buuut, before going down this road, I think that it’s best if we put more energy towards making the current software more complete, and use my suggestion first. Who knows what Yio Remote will bring in the future :wink:

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@LarsenPedersen: And please do continu to provide more feature requests as you please! My response was in no way intentioned to discourage you in any way. I love the idea’s, so keep them coming my friend!

@LarsenPedersen Thanks for the suggestions. As @Tosko wrote, first we’ll focus on supporting home automation hubs, like Home Assistant, Homey or Openhab. These systems support scenes already, so the remote will support it too.

Standalone scenes could be interesting, but it’s definitely gonna be something that we’ll look at at later.


@Tosko @marton I fully understand this :slight_smile: - I “stupidly” somewhat compared this to my old Harmony or my NEEO, which I know is not comparable units.

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