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Creating a separate charging dock

I plan to charge the YIO remote in a drawer, hence it will not be possible to use the YIO dock because of the overall height.

Some thoughts/questions:

  • 3D printed flat charging holder
  • I would like to use a micro USB connector
  • Where to get the pogo pins? @marton do you still have some?
  • Could I directly connect 5V to the remote? Any hints what else would be needed? (electronic novice, sorry)

Thanks, Jörg

There are 2 magnets next to the pins in the remote. You can design a something that has magnets and pogo pins and it would snap to the right spot. Any pogo pin would work in your case, just make sure they align well to the charging pads.
I would highly recommend that you include reverse polarity, short circuit protection at a minimum. But yeah, you can connect 5V to the charging terminals.