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Crowdfunding support list

I was an early adopter and supporter of the NEEO remote, and like many, disappointed with its final end with the Control4 buyout. I was excited to come across your work, and more recently your interview in which you mentioned crowdfunding. I would be interested in purchasing the kit you will eventually be offering, and wondered if there would be any value to you in beginning to assess the number of other interested buyers. Would you consider setting up a method which allows us to provide you our contact information.
Toronto, Canada

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Thank you, Tom!

I’ll be looking at a solution to do preorders when the kit price is ready. If you have any suggestion for a platform, please let me know.

I did a poll in the home assistant forums to see how many would be interested. Maybe it would worth it to repeat it here to see a more realistic demand.

I am not sure which platform would be best, but I imagine others with more experience will add their suggestions. I have been teaching myself to use OpenHAB2, as well as running it from a Raspi3 for my home automation devices. I imagine there would be interest among those users. As an owner of the NEEO remote, I and others hoped it would serve our needs. These users may also be interested in your device - I could pass on the crowdfunding information to the NEEO forums once you announce it.

Hi, no crowdfunding please… That will increase the costs for one, make this project easy to just fold. In the case of the high demand it may be too much to handle for Marton.
Pre-order kits would be the way to go. Just set up a Shopify store.
It would be great if you could have a clear rules for refund and if we could have something like:
" If your intentions are to place a deposit for a pre-order item you can do so by entering the discount code DEPOSIT in the checkout. This will enable our shop to take a 10% deposit of the total transaction fee required for your order." (from https://www.middlerealm.com/preorderinformation).

This level of transparency would be greatly appreciated.

@TMToronto it would be cool to have an openhab integration as well. I don’t use that, but if there’s someone out there willing to contribute with an integration to the remote that would be awesome.

@Finnair A crowdfunding solution would definitely increase the price by around 10%, but at the same time would also give a safety net for both parties. I have to find a solution where I can collect the capital and then order the parts. If people cancel their pre-orders on the way, that would definitely make the project fold. I am constantly thinking about what would be the best solution.

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Hi all!
here also a first gen backer from NEEO. Waited 3 years on a remote that never left beta stage.
What you are doing here looks really promissing, I like the opensource kinda approach and think there is a big gap in the market to fill. Crowdfunding will give you the means to complete this project whether people are interested or not. I AM!

I use Homey but the only downfall is that I don’t know how to program, i rely on a community to write the apps. so hopefully this will grow and we’ll have a replacement soon!

Hi Marton,
What an incredible project you are carrying out! I am also one disappointed NEEO owner and I will be part of the supporters of this open-source project.

I loved the NEEO for its design and the expected features and it was supposed to replace my Nevo SL / Nevo S70. I could setup my NEEO only 1 year after my purchase, until the release of a firmware that allowed a WAF/user-friendly UI for audio/video control and OpenHAB interaction.

Then I realized they would keep everything proprietary and would probably fail. They did worse by selling to Control4 and making money on their trustee customers.

I just hope you can release the YIO, improve it and promote it with the support of users : there is definitely a need for a programmable controller with hard buttons.

Keeping the price low is important but should not be the main driver : Nevo / Pronto were far more expensive. If your device can be easily upgraded / repaired / maintained and have a long life-cycle (it is not a smartphone :slight_smile:), then investment should be acceptable for customers.

Thank you! Glad to have you around the project :slight_smile:

I hope YIO can be something powerful, especially with the support of the community and create a platform that is versatile and customisable to most users’ needs.

Crowdfunding will easily get you to 1000 plus unit, not bad to go down to the crowdfunding path, but how to fulfill the order is another thing.