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DLNA (uPNP) controller

Its clear DLNA is a very old technology. But still it is used on media servers and many TVs and AV components support it. I want to find out if their ist still a need for it. YIO Remote would be a great DLNA controller for Movies / Music.

DLNA support would definitely help as many devices support it at some level. Also the required protocols SSDP and uPNP are great to have available for many purposes. I know that implementation varies per device, I don’t know if that will be an issue though.

Technically it is no big problem. I found GNOME uPNP libraries, they are asynchronous and can be easily wrapped by Qt objects. I am currently playing arround with a Qt-QML prototype (outside YIO).

But I realize again why I have replaced the DLNA mediaserver with ROON. It’s a drama that the only real standard went down. I dealt with the topic years ago and sent some mails to the DLNA organization (all unanswered). The main problem is that while the standard provides functionality (playlist handling, play album) that you absolutely need for playing music, they are in the standard marked as optional and therefore nowhere implemented by the media servers. If the club were not so sluggish, SONOS etc. would be superfluous. The few DLNA controllers, which are really usable implement the missing functions (Play Album, Playlists) itself. But they must be constantly alive to do that. In this respect, the use of a DLNA controller on YIO is questionable.

There are also DLNA servers that realize this functionality on the server (Wild Media Server), but this should be considered in the controller specifically.

I’m a bit helpless now.

Now I remember, indeed some essential features where optional to support. If im not mistaken especially gave me issues on the renderer part. I used serviio back then as media service.