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Emotiva RMC-1 support?

Hi everyone,

I am looking at upgrading my home theatre from Marrantz to Emotiva and I was wondering if thier products will be supported by the Remote Two or at least programmable.


According to the spec sheet it comes with an infrared remote control and offers “integration with universal infrared remote controls and popular infrared and network operated whole-home control systems.”. In case Yio would not support this device out of the box you will be able to learn the Yio the infra red commands from the original remote. I guess this high level will also be provided with the ir codes which you can then import/enter into the Yio (assuming Yio will allow entry of these).

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My UMC-200 was able to be controlled by the NEEO when the NEEO first arrived, but I know Emotiva was struggling with providing the correct codes/complete codes for the XMC-1 for quite some time (eventually got there) and again for the RMC-1 and XMC-2 series. Not sure if they’ve figured that out, but don’t expect it right out of the box.

(I switched to Anthem)

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