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Feature Request: App-Store System for Device-Bindings and Addons


just a small Note from my Side. I think the YIO-Remote is a great base to implement an App-Store System like Homey does. You offer the APIs to the Core-System and we can build “bindings” or Addons for the System to control something or implement some other functionalitys. You can also use different colors to make clear which Device-Binding is from the YIO-Team and which one is created by a User. I think this would help to grow up the supported things. But ALL Bindings and ADDONS must be FREE!

The iPhone wouldnt be that great without the implementation of the AppStore. So lets discuss about in this Topic.

What made the iPhone ecosystem successful is that the apps aren’t generally free (at least not the good ones). There is an incentive to grow the developer community and to create professional developers / companys that profit from the income they generate. So they treat the development professionally and compete for your $'s.

Apple made a good commission on those sales which incentivized the company to provide long lasting professional support of the store. This provided stability for the development community (for Free and for Pay apps).

Any other model is a short lasted hobby.

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Totally agree but I think that this could be a big boost to the YIO-Remote Platform and the supported devices and services