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FHEM integration

Hi marton, hi folks,
I just stumbled across this fabulous project yesterday and was directly fascinated. That’s what I ever dreamed of, an open source remote control!
I’m using FHEM (https://fhem.de/) as my central smart home software. I was wondering, if you ever heard of this software. As I’m only a user, I’m not able to see, if it would be possible to integrate FHEM to YIO? That would be great for me and maye other FHEM users too.
Maybe someone could have a look to ther website/forum/wiki to see, if that would be possible at all?! Would love that!
Greetings Christian

Hi @gurkc006!

Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you like the project.
Quickly looking at the FHEM website it seems like it uses TCP/IP protocol for communication. Just based on that I think it should be possible. Unfortunately the wiki is in German, so I couldn’t really dig deeper. Maybe someone else could also look at?

Since we are at the subject, can we request integration for:
openHab: https://www.openhab.org/
home assistant: https://www.home-assistant.io/
etc :slight_smile:

@madf78 Home Assistant integration is already working. Alongside with Homey. For openHab I recommend this topic: openHAB integration :slight_smile:

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@gurkc006 in general it should be possible to use fhem and yio together, but i think at least a seperate integration needs to be coded to bring both together. maybe someone from the fhem community would like to contribute here.