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First blog post

This is our first blog post of hopefully many to come. This topic serves as the comment section :slight_smile:


I am excited to see how this project ends up and becomes a viable replacement for the harmony line. So far from what I am reading this looks amazing. I will keep watching to see what you create. The smart home world still needs a remote as there are still people in this world that use them.

Hi Marton,
I really like this story, I will follow this !
Hope you will not have problem with production process. Have you an ida of the battery life ? 1 or 2 days ?

Sounds great… Really interesting how you started the journey from Version one to version two.

Thanks guys!

@Xueffa I hope too. I’m currently testing battery life, so I don’t want to say anything specific yet, but it’s more than 1 day :slight_smile:

I’m assuming it is way to late for this but would it be possible to add another row of generic buttons that can be used to assign all sorts of commands to?

Bit like the color buttons on some remotes.

There are 4 color buttons around the dpad. You’ll be able to customise those.

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Could you say something about the price of the remote?

I really don’t want to say anything specific until every last bit is also in place. I would feel terrible to introduce a price here and would not be able to work with that later.

Obviously we cannot compete with prices of large corporations, but working on making it affordable.

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Thats understandable… But great to hear what you want to make it affordable… Keep up the good Work… Do you need Help for translation to German or other electronic stuff… I can code in C…And have quite good electronic Skills…

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I was one of those people who funded the Kickstarter and got my remote soldered together (which was fun) but then realized I just didn’t have the time to tinker with the software at all.

I ended up passing it on to someone else who’s hopefully getting more out of it than I managed.

Real life at the is just more than enough these days.

So I’m super excited to see this, especially with the Harmony remotes being end-of-lifed recently.

Anyway, good luck, I hope it progresses and turns into something more easily used without as much of an effort on the user end.

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Good to see the excitement and the project moving forward.
I will be getting few of those!

Thanks Marton

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