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Free Form Display

I think YIO should also provide a GUI to implement a free form with information and maybe some simple actions (switch, button). I want to start discussion about this feature.
Content will be set by the integration. This free form can be used to display integration hub status, weather information, notifications…

I propose this data model :

Text :

  • Name : string
  • Text : string
  • Fontsize : number
  • Bold: boolean
  • Position : (x, y)


  • Name : string
  • Url: string (local or remote)
  • Size : (width, height)
  • Position : (x, y)


  • Name : string
  • Text : string
  • Type: (button, switch, …)
  • Position : (x, y)

Data model :

  • Texts: Array of Text
  • Interactions: Array of Interaction
  • Images: Array of Image

Functions, commands to Integration

  • Comand (string name, value: any)

Thanks @ChristianRiedl for the suggestion. We have been talking about something like this and our idea so far is that you could drag and drop UI elements together using the web configurator.