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Future of YIO software

Some of you were asking what is happening with this project, so I thought I’d give you an update on what we’re up to.

Some of you contributed to the software and I cannot thank you enough for that. These guys dedicated their free time to help develop the software. However with even this help, it seemed that the rate of development was not fast enough. Simply, we couldn’t do more. And after some time the interest for contribution lowered.

Even though we communicated the DIY notion of the project, you joined and supported it, hoping the software will mature. I am grateful for the support, but at the same time also disappointed that we couldn’t develop the software in a tempo that we envisioned. We had big ideas, but last year was far from perfect on a lot of levels. And at the end it was only @zehnm and I working on the software in our free time.

What we have learned is that most of you just want to use the remote without having to touch any code. And this is fair. However the current setup was not geared towards this, being a DIY community based development.

We would like to create a great experience for the remote, make it more easy to use, so we decided to rewrite the app from the ground up. We have learned a lot during the development and realised that starting from scratch is inevitable if we want to create something that would fulfil the needs and is future proof.

Due to the lack of interest for contribution, we have been doing this behind the scenes for a few weeks now. We haven’t talked about it, because we don’t know exactly when it will be ready and didn’t want to give false promises. We are still doing it next to our jobs and life. When there’s an update that’s worth sharing, I’ll post about it. And when the new software is usable, it will be available to all of you to try and use, of course for free.

We have big plans with the new version of the software and hope that it will live up to your expectations. We are still convinced that YIO can be a powerful alternative. And we cannot thank you enough for your support and that you also believe in this project. That’s what keeps us going.

If you have ideas or any wishes what you’d like to see in the software, please share it here :slight_smile:

All my best,


Thank you Marton and thanks to all who have participated in the development and success of this project.
We do appreciate your effort, and I am personally sorry for not being able to give helping hand.
Looking forward for the new release when ever is it available.
Again, thank you for your hard work and for keeping this project alive.

Thanks @madf78! Also for hanging in there. I do think this new version is going to patch up all the missing features :slight_smile:

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Hi Marton, any hints you can give? You indicated in the past to consider development using node. That may enable many more people to contribute with drivers. Enabling node-red with MQTT could also open up for fast integrations with lot of available drivers.

Hi Jacques,

As I wrote at this point, I don’t want to promise too much, but we are looking into options to write integrations in node.js or Python to make it easier to customise it to your needs. Question is how it will impact battery life. Hopefully not significantly.

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Keep it going, although I don’t know any coding, but I am helping some translation work, and hope that one day the remote will become popular and easy to use.

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I’m with @donsuper. I’m no coder, but I do see the potential and therefore really hoping and looking forward to the new iteration of the YIO software. Keep up the good work!!

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What would get me going in terms of software is a solid Roon integration. We are not a huge number of users but we are not shy when it comes to paying for quality kit especially when it’s got roon baked in.

Roon labs have thier Nucleus and its crying out for a quality remote in my opinion.

Just my 2 cents :grin:

Oh - this has me worried. I just managed to get hold of a kit for the YIO precisely because the software is open source.

I am a developer and want to work on the software.

Is this new version open source? Are you still going to allow the community to work on it?

The current version of the software will stay open source completely as it is now.
The new version will provide an open API, so you’ll be able to extend the functionality and write integrations.

Thanks Marton,

sounds promising. I presume it will run on both the current Yio and the new one?


Yes, exactly. The new software will run on both remotes. Obviously there will be differences in features that are tied to hardware, like microphone and speaker, but everything else should be the same.