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Half assembled Kit for sale - I messed up the PCB


back in time when I found the kickstarter campaign, I was very excited about the YIO Remote. I preordered a kickstarter kit right away and received it a while ago.
Now, many weeks later, i finally found a bit of time to start assembling.
First everything went fine - but the remote doesn’t seem to turn on - at least the screen keeps being off. So i started debugging, I did the wpa_supplicant-on-boot-trick to headless connect the pi my wifi and could successfully SSH into the yio-remote-os.
However after a while of debugging and trying, I found out I did a huge mistake during the assemble. Instead using a Pi Zero W, I accidentally grabbed an old Pi Zero 1.3. Hmm… this could be the cause. “No problem, I will just desolder the old pi and resolder a new one - easy.” - ha, not! At least for me. It was a total mess and I somehow ended up with a half-ass soldered new pi on a totally bunged Yio PCB. Some of connectors released from the PCB - i guess in my hurry to fix it I desoldered the old pins way to hot.
So, the new PI is on the PCB, but now it doesnt get power. This is the moment I realised I screwed up and destroyed the YIO Remote PCB and two PI Zeros. F*.

As I’m not willing to spend any more money into this and end up with something which reminds me daily on this desaster, I decided to sell the remaining parts of the kit (which are still totally fine) and give s/o the chance to get a bargain.

So, here I am selling:

  • a fully assembled dock, including:
    • Dock housing
    • Acrylic dock top
    • LED transparent diffusor
    • Two magnets
    • 3D printed remote holder
    • YIO dock PCB

As far as I can tell: The dock works, connects to my Wifi, charges the remote

  • a half assembled YIO Remote, including

    • Remote housing with (glued in place)
      • Display
      • Acrylic button cover
      • Haptic motor
      • Charging pin holder
      • Pogo pins
      • Magnets
      • 3 Wires (soldered on the Pogo Pins)
    • not mounted, but included:
      • Remote 3D printed back cover
      • Buttons
      • Proximity sensor PCB
      • 2 Screws
      • Wires
      • the rest of the T-7000-Glue, which i got with the kit
  • Extras, i purchsed separately:

    • LiPo battery, 3.7V 2500mAh
  • NOT included in this package

I will post some photos tomorrow if not later today (edit: see below)

The price for this package/kit as described above is 160€ plus shipping (tell me where to ship and I will check the costs)

If you have any questions or if you are interested write me a mail at mail_yio(at)etobi.de or here in this community.

Kind regards

Find more Pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hrn42fr3c2njjdv/AABzP-jeF7WNtbUSSe_GCzJAa?dl=0

So, It’s sold. Thanks.