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Happy holidays! (plus giveaway)

Hi everyone,

As this crazy year is coming to an end, I thought I would take a moment and wish everyone merry Christmas and happy holidays!

At the beginning of the year as a result of our very first Kickstarter campaign, we started shipping out the YIO Remote kits. There was a small delay due to the virus, but managed to ship the kits out around the same time as planned.

We were happy to hear all the good feedback and request to sell more kits, so we ran another small batch and they were also gone in a very short period of time. We took it as a signal that there is need for a remote like this.

We are grateful for all the contributions to the software and all the suggestions for improvements. We couldn’t develop the software in the tempo we have envisioned ourselves, but - as I think many of us - we had to deal with work, new ways of living and personal matters. We are still nurturing this DIY project in our free time.

We have plans for the future. We are trying to figure out ways how we can spend more time with the project and ways how to make it available again in a more sustainable manner. But this alone would deserve its own post :wink:

We are proud of what we managed to achieve this year and can’t thank you enough for your support and that you also believe in this project like we do. We have a good base and I hope 2021 will allow us a bit more to build upon what we already have.

Christmas is around the corner and I thought, I would give away one of the remotes that was used for testing. It’s one of the early builds. It is not perfect, but it works and I hope it would make someone happy :slight_smile:

So I ask you to comment here and write a few words about how you’d use the remote. I will pick a random reply on Sunday and will ship the remote off so there’s a chance it arrives before Christmas.

Looking forward to your responses and again merry Christmas and happy new near!




I’m in the process of building a new house in Denmark.

I would use the remote to control the light (hue), open/close Velux root top windows and hopefully be able to control a bio fireplace(from decoflame)

Would love to get my hands on the remote

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Hi Marton,
I would probably use the remote for the smart home in my parents house.

Happy holidays to you too :slight_smile:

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Hoj! :santa:

Would use it to control all of my smart house gadgets :hugs:

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Would use it to replace my harmony remote with a truly smart remote, and in the process of getting rid of the harmony lower my bloodpressure :smile:

Happy holidays

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Would be a perfect replacement for my long due HA tablet :astonished:

My dimmers are waiting for a new touch :upside_down_face:

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Would really like to have a new and more innovative solution to control my Smart Home and maybe replace my Logitech elite / hub. Additionally I brought in ideas some time back but could not manage to get one remote in time unfortunately.
All the best and enjoy Christmas :christmas_tree: time

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Just in time to control christmas lights :christmas_tree: and blinds :cowboy_hat_face:

All the best in the following year! :fireworks:


Merry Christmas,

I was also late to the party, so I’d love to get my hands on a YIO remote to replace my Harmony.
There’s a lot to control in my living area, blinds, lights, leds, dimmers, sound system, IR christmas lights, roborock …

Try to enjoy the christmas days of this crazy year and lets hope for a more relaxed 2021.
Best Regards

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Was late to the pre-order party, now i might be lucky :sunglasses:.

For starters would use to control lights, more devices soon to be added.

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I would love to replace my neeo for a better remote by far.
More over I would love to use the home assistant integration.

All the best for ya all!

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Happy upcoming holidays! Hope next year will be better then this. Neeo must go out and YIO in! Final countdown approaching :santa:

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Thank you guys for your replies. I wish I could send you all a remote, but I only have one.

I made a list of your comments, numbered them from 1 to 11 and then asked Siri to randomly pick a number: https://vimeo.com/493011668

And the 10th reply was from @gekberlin! Congratulations! :partying_face: I hope you’ll enjoy discovering what YIO can do even with this build from the early days :wink:

Happy holidays once again to all of you! :christmas_tree: I hope to see you around in the new year :wink:

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Hi Marton,
that are perfect news. Like I wrote to your already I’m looking forward to receive the remote and Im feeling quit nervously already - in a positive way.

All the best to all of you and happy Christmas !

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