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Hard buttons on remote

Hardware - I would like to see back lit buttons to help with distinguishing buttons in the dark.
Software - I think buttons should have 2 configuration possibilities.
1 a uniform input device that always send the same commands no matter what device you are controlling
2 a default command for most screens, but developers have the option to change what a button does depending on what screen/page or device they are on at that time. Eg, the volume button will control the tv volume majority of the time, but when on a Sonos speaker/group it will control that devices volume instead.

For 1, a power button for example to turn devices on/off.

@marton are the new buttons you’ve ordered back lit by any chance?

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No backlight. It’s more complicated and more expensive to make.

The buttons are intended to work like @AdrianLiteAutomation described.

It’s like typing on a keyboard, once you get used to the keys you don’t need the backlights anymore xD

not really, most users aren’t as adept as us using a remote. Im thinking about the general population. Give the remote to your parents and see how they cope in the dark. I think this is a needed option on future models.

@marton good to hear about the button configuration options. Fantastic news.
I understand the costs and implementation issues with backlite, i was thinking for future generations. I know it is something that was a sore point on the Neeo remote for many users, so thought I’d get in early to address the concern of future users. Maybe on the roadmap for Gen 2.
ps, there also needs to be a way to reboot the remote via the onboard buttons, such as holding down vol+ and ok button for 10 seconds reboots the remote.

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You can cut the power to the device by holding the OK button down for more than 3 seconds. After that you can simple turn the remote on again. This is the safest option for also cases when the raspberry locks up completely. Though that only happened to me 1 time :slight_smile:

Moved to Github: https://github.com/martonborzak/yio-remote/issues/39