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Hello & successful assembly

Hi Everybody!

I just finished assembling my YIO and despite some fear that I probably broke something while removing stuff or soldering (my soldering looks worse than many of the pictures in the “My experiences with assembling” thread…) - it actually booted without any issues :smile:

@marton and everybody else who is involved: thanks a lot for this great project :+1:
I’m looking forward to start using my YIO as well as the exchange with this community (hello also to some fellow Neeo users, were I was part of the beta tester group - they are also the reason I learned about the YIO project in time to back the kickstarter @Nklerk & Carp3-noctem)

Not sure if I can contribute much (apart maybe translate the menus to Swiss German :sweat_smile:) but we will see.



BTW in case anybody in Switzerland is still looking for a LiPo battery for the YIO, this one (though not the cheapest) fits very nicely and even has some more capacity:


Hi @Tom, welcome! :slight_smile:
Glad you have a YIO up and running. Hopefully you’ll enjoy using it! :slight_smile:

Any contribution is welcome, translations included!