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How to run the software on windows for testing

First of all thank you very much for your magnificent effort :+1:
I’m trying to run the software on my windows machine for testing purposes I already downloaded the Qt Creator IDE but when I build the code it give me 4 errors:
drv2605.cpp:69: error: C4716: ‘drv2605::init’: must return a value.
bq27441.cpp:227: error: C4716: ‘BQ27441::getFullAvailableCapacity’: must return a value.
bq27441.cpp:238: error: C4716: ‘BQ27441::getRemainingCapacity’: must return a value.
entity.cpp:50: error: C4716: ‘Entity::update’: must return a value.
anyone care to share how to build the software in windows 10 thanks again.

did you have everything required installed on your Computer?
You can find everything onto that page https://github.com/martonborzak/yio-remote/tree/master/software#windows
also the howto get it run section can be interessting.

There are some issues currently with the dev strain. Some functions don’t return a value or possibly no value. Marton is aware of it. You can either wait for the fix or fix them manually.

Tank you I will try to fix the functions my self if I succeeded I will post here.

Turns out the issues are related to the mdns library used. I can recommend installing a linux VM and run QT there. Im in full dev mode now.

Since this weekend its possible to run YIO in Windows. just download QT and compile and run the code. :-))

Make sure you switch to the dev branch. The master branch doesn’t contain the latest fixes yes. The heavy development takes place in dev :slight_smile:
Furthermore you need the integration.### projects. At the moment the integration.dock plugin is mandatory, otherwise the remote application won’t start up.
I’m currently working on the development setup documentation and should be ready this weekend.
Most important part is to checkout the remote-software and integration.### projects in the same base folder. Example:

├── binaries
├── integration.dock
├── integration.home-assistant
├── integration.homey
└── remote-software