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I was too late for the party!


I just found your project through Google and since I wanted to buy a Neeo (but didn’t because they were acquired by Control4) I was really happy to see that alternatives exists!

Since I’m too late for the party I wanted to ask you if there are plans the kit will be sold to people like me and if yes, if there is a some sort of a time frame.

Thank you very much and congratulations!


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Hi @frederik,
Thanks. I wrote in the other topic that there might be kits after the rewards sent out, but I don’t know yet. I’ll post about it there on the forum as well.

However the project is open source and you can completely make and build your own as well. I’ll be uploading all files ASAP to the github hardware repo.


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Hi @marton

Thanks very much for the answer, much appreciated!

I will have a look now an then in the forums and will check the Github as well.

Again: really cool project!



Sadly I missed the campaign too. :frowning: Hopefully there will be enough kits after the rewards are sent out.

I could build the electronics on my own when you publish the pcbs as gerber files or something similar. But the housing is much more difficult. It won’t be that nice when I use my 3D printer and so far I have no idea how to create the rubber silicone buttons.

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sure we can do it our selfs but in my point I have no possibility to make buttons. I have no 3D printer as well so I could not do a housing. So it would be realy appreciated to either know how and where you made those things or where you ordered it.

As soon as the rewards are sent out, I’ll upload the necessary files so you can all make one. Regarding the buttons, I know already that I have some leftovers, because I had to order 200.

There might be also a couple kits left, but I’ll write about it when I know exactly how many and when.

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Hello @marton ,


Please notify to me if there are any plans to make a new Kickstarter Campaign … Or if any Kits are refund or come back to you. Please notify me too.

Are there any plans to upload the STL Files for self producing the Remote? If yes, I would make my own Remote because the Harmony Elite is a bad joke for this price. Your Remote looks so good and looks very stable.

Hi, are there any kits left left to purchase? I was too late for the Kickstarter but would love to start working with this remote. Alternatively, would you be willing to share CAD drawings, pcb layouts so I can cnc it myself?

Maybe I have a kit left that is not yet assembled, if someone is interested, just report it via pn. Have a nice day

I’m new to this so if I can’t get my head around it or get it to do what I want to then I will be selling an assembled unit. PM me if your interested, though at this moment I intend on keeping it.

I gave up, its for sale.

for anyone interested mine is currently on ebay

Hi Marton,

Do you have any idea when you will have time to upload the necessary files to build your own?
No pressure, just curious.

With kind regards,

Sign me up for when the files become available. I will need to replace my pcb.

Hi Daan,

I’ll try to do it this weekend :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Please make a small notification if the Files are uploaded.

Hi I ran across the Yio too late as well. But after being entirely burned by the Neeo, I am not terribly interested in committing to something without any momentum. And I am just not sure how much momentum a platform with several hundred users and no ability to buy hardware will be.

So - rather than just releasing some files and calling it done. The hardware should be fully free use and let Aliexpress manufacturers bang out a million of them. Keep the software open source or whatever…

Thank you for your feedback. But, sorry if I don’t understand what exactly you like to say.

May I ask you to explain further?
If I understand correctly you don’t like to buy new hardware, because you where disappointed by neeo. Let me shortly explain:
We are in the same boat here, except Marton. So many people came from neeo to this project. It is a open source project and you are welcome to contribute and also produce your own hardware.

But hardware production cost a lot, so it was decided to make use of kickstarter to fund the costs. So all interested people had the opportunity to join and order some hardware.

I may have misunderstood something in your original post, but for me it sounds like you are complaining about that you where to late for a kickstarter that you also wouldn’t have backed because you don’t like to purchase new hardware with a open source development that is done by a few people in their free time.

If something in my post is unclear, I’m more then happy to start a conversation with you or anybody else.

Kind Regards

A rather strange reaction if I may say so. I can imagine Marton (or any other whom helped developing) doesn’t feel the need to upload anything after what you said.
I, on the other hand, can’t wait for them to be released. I showed it to a couple colleagues and friends and they want me to build them one as soon as it’s possible.


Ps, are there any Dutch users chance?