Yio Remote Community

I was too late for the party!

I think people are reading a lot of hostility into what I wrote. Basically my concern is that without readily available hardware that they community of Yio will be small and always dependent on a developer or two.

This is not to denigrate the work already done, but the limited availability and kit nature of the hardware will be very limiting.

This project was never intended to be mass produced. Originally 100 people signed up who were interested in getting a kit. Kickstarter was the easiest way to make it happen, but then it got more interest.

Mostly for those, who like to tinker with electronics or like to code. It is not a product that will work out of the box. However it might look like one :wink:

If you’re one of the above, I think it’s a good alternative to the existing remotes out there.

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