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Integrating a custom CA

Hi Marton,

is there any way to get my own CA into the truststore?
I tried to configure the home-assistant integration but that fails due to an ssl error.

May 15 10:47:47 YIO-Remote-b827eb79b4c6 app-launch.sh[124]: WARN homeassistant QAbstractSocket::SocketError(13) “The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found”

Thanks Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

Self signed certificates are always a bit more complicated. Could you open an issue about it?

We will investigate and will try to come up with a solution that could work for both self signed certificates and trusted CAs.


Sure Marton i will open an issue

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Thanks, Ludwig!

I came up with a solution, that I think could work:

It needs changes in the shared libraries, but we’ll merge these pull request when we verified them.

Yes, perfect that should fix it. Thanks for the quick integration.

I`ll wait for a build and then give it a try

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Hi @marton,
so i tried it with the updated home-assistant integration but looks like that is not solving the issue.
BUT i found a workaround :wink: I just added my CA certificate to the /etc/ssl/ca-certificates and now i got it working. Not the nicest way to workaround but anyhow it is working now.

Hi @lkoenigsberger,
oh, was it giving the same error as before? You would have also needed to update the main app and edit the config.json or use the webconfig. But I’m glad you have found a solution :slight_smile:

In my opinion, ignoring or not validating the ca certificate isn’t the best way to solve the issue. It’s okay for testing, but not in productive environments. Adding the CA to the trust store should indeed be the way to go. So it’s not a workaround, it’s the solution in my opinion. :slight_smile: