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Invalid configuration file


At first start this morning my remote crash. At start up I have Yio remote logo, then a white screen, then a screen with “Invalid configuration file”. When I go on the web configurator all my integrations are gone and there is nothing I can do to fix the problem.

What should I do ? Should i use the same step as for “Troubleshooting - Remote” ?



What did you change in the configuration before?

It worked perfectly when I left it on the base last night. This morning it was disconnected from the base, I used the red popup to reconnect it and it crashed. I change nothing in the configuration.

What did you reconnect to?

You can find the configuration in /boot/config.json. Either you can replace it with the default config from gitHub, or you can look for json errors in the config. If you want, I can take a look at the config if you send it in a private message. Make sure to remove any tokens, etc. before.

What did you reconnect to? Sorry from the dock

As I say I’m little bit newbie… Through putty I try to read config.json by using the command ligne “nano /boot/config.json” but it return config.json is unwritable…

Try sudo nano /boot/…

I think somehow the file system got corrupted. A reflash of the SD card solved the issue.