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IR & Bluetooth function

Hi there all.
Does the remote sent IR signals direct from the handheld device or do you need the blasters.
Plus will it replace me Apple TV remote for new Apple TV?

Hi @Craig,
The dock has IR blasters and 3.5 mm jack ports for IR extenders. The remote does not have IR blasters.

We are planning to support Apple TV.

So if I place the base line of sight of equipment that requires IR, then it will work fine?

Yes, either the Dock, or one of it’s attachable external IR balsters need to have line of sight to the equipment. The dock is capable of sending IR all around it and to the top.

Hi. In line with this question, can the remote control two hubs at once. My TV and equipment are in separate rooms and if the physical remote doesn’t have IR, I would need 2 hubs functioning, one where the TV is and one where the remaining equipment is.

Yes, multi Dock, multi Remote Setups are Supported.