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IR strategy for sideboard

I want to have all my devices stored invisible in a sideboard. Hopefully some time Yio remote will let me control all devices, but it will be nice to have a backup solution – using all those remotes – anyways.

I will have IR extenders for the Yio dock for every compartment. But how would you implement the backward compatibility with the other remotes? Adding an extra IR repeater outside the sideboard along with extra IR extenders inside? That would double the IR repeaters.

Any suggestion how to proceed?

It should be possible to recode the dock’s firmware to act as an IR Repeater. But this needs coding skills. Else you might buy a setup that uses IR senders that are compatible with YIO Dock and can then later replace the Receiver with the YIO Dock.

This would be really the best solution: use of the dock as IR repeater. Any chance to include that per default?

Currently this is not planned to be realised by ourself.
You need to consider when doing so that the receiver also receives the sended IR codes, therefor you mey end in an endless loop shortly which is blocking IR then.

When coding this feature you need to apply a filter or a delay between receive, send and receive the same signal again, what then can cause issues with multiple sended ir codes (e.g. hold down volume to ramp it up).

Thanks for the advice! Eventually I will end up buying a Marmitek IR Control 10 or 11 (repeater with several IR in and outputs) and stick a IR receiver to the Yio dock within the cabinet. A second receiver would be placed upon the sideboard.

You cannot connect an IR receiver to the dock unfortunately. The 3.5 mm jack is only for expanders.

I don’t want to connect a receiver, but stick a receiver on top of the IR LEDs of the dock …

Ah ok :slight_smile: Probably I misunderstood.

Hmm, perhaps I wrote nonsense :grinning: I should simply connect the docks 3.5 mm with an IR input of the Marmitek. In fact a cable with 3.5 to 3.5 is included to be used with AV receivers.