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Just received the kickstarter kit!

first will have to assemble :grinning:

Right :smiley: That’s true.

Marton, Glue this part in this way? I can’t get it 100% out of the videos

Yes, the little notch should be facing up, like on your image.

Thank you for the quick answer

@Octo, there’s also a written guide with pictures. Maybe it’s better visible there:



okay, thanks for that. I have now finished gluing. was all easy to do well.

Good to hear. And it looks good :slight_smile:
Now it should rest for a day.

I finished the remote yesterday and it is up and running. It was completly doable :+1:

The only thing where I had a small problem: the remote didn’t turned on when I pressed the middle button. The problem was a completly empty battery. There will probably some more who will have the same problem.

Now I’m setting up the toolchain and I’m thinking about some hardware improvments. The remote is really really good, but I don’t like the runtime :wink:

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So cool! :slight_smile: Congrats @mr.os!

The calculated runtime will update as you use the remote more and more. I usually get around 20 hours out of one charge. If you have any ideas how we can make it better, please share them! :slight_smile:

Am I right in assuming the pre build units won’t ship for a while yet?

I will slowly start shipping them next week.

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Cheers, no rush from me.

How many have you got to build?
How are you getting on?
Do you feel like you are working in a factory ?

Haha, I think around 17. I’m done with 5 now. Packing all the kits were a similar feeling I guess :smiley:

I just received my kit as well. Pi zero and battery came the same day:-) Good do finally see som action in the forum… Lots of support from Marton i see.! Everything looks nice except from the precision of the 3d printed bakside.

Glad you got the kit :slight_smile:
I did a lot of test prints but the outcome of the 3D prints always fluctuated a bit. I had a few which was bigger as well. If you’d like I can send you another one or one of the bigger ones what with a bit of sanding could fit more snug. However if you assemble the remote the back should sit quite good due also to the internal components.

I see… Well, i would be glad to receive one that would fit snuggly. If its slightly to large, i will make it fit. Great customer support!

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Hello Guys and Dolls,

I am one of the lucky ones with a fresh Yio remote and are started today to assemble. And I just tested the Raspberry if it works, before cutting off hdmi and usb ports.

But what I don’t understand with the microSD card, only forum post pointing towards the remote-os version 3 on github, but I have no clue yet what about version 4.x (or 0.4.x). and is it an image, or how to copy stuff to the microSD card, or do I better install git and download and compile on the zeroPi?

I have a raspbian buster lite edition now on my microSD card, how to continue? The hardware assambly manual stops with the message get the microSD download.
Where is the software assembly guide? :wink:

And which steps to continue to get the software on the Pi and which software do I need on the computer?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @M_a_r_c_o, welcome! :slight_smile:

You can always find the latest SD card images here:

The most recent is v0.4.1, but this is a testing release, so there could be bugs. Download the zip file, unzip it, and burn the .img file to the SD card using for example: balena etcher.

That’s it, you can boot it up.

If you would like to start developing your things, please check out the documentation wiki: