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Just received the kickstarter kit!

Haha, I think around 17. I’m done with 5 now. Packing all the kits were a similar feeling I guess :smiley:

I just received my kit as well. Pi zero and battery came the same day:-) Good do finally see som action in the forum… Lots of support from Marton i see.! Everything looks nice except from the precision of the 3d printed bakside.

Glad you got the kit :slight_smile:
I did a lot of test prints but the outcome of the 3D prints always fluctuated a bit. I had a few which was bigger as well. If you’d like I can send you another one or one of the bigger ones what with a bit of sanding could fit more snug. However if you assemble the remote the back should sit quite good due also to the internal components.

I see… Well, i would be glad to receive one that would fit snuggly. If its slightly to large, i will make it fit. Great customer support!

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Hello Guys and Dolls,

I am one of the lucky ones with a fresh Yio remote and are started today to assemble. And I just tested the Raspberry if it works, before cutting off hdmi and usb ports.

But what I don’t understand with the microSD card, only forum post pointing towards the remote-os version 3 on github, but I have no clue yet what about version 4.x (or 0.4.x). and is it an image, or how to copy stuff to the microSD card, or do I better install git and download and compile on the zeroPi?

I have a raspbian buster lite edition now on my microSD card, how to continue? The hardware assambly manual stops with the message get the microSD download.
Where is the software assembly guide? :wink:

And which steps to continue to get the software on the Pi and which software do I need on the computer?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @M_a_r_c_o, welcome! :slight_smile:

You can always find the latest SD card images here:

The most recent is v0.4.1, but this is a testing release, so there could be bugs. Download the zip file, unzip it, and burn the .img file to the SD card using for example: balena etcher.

That’s it, you can boot it up.

If you would like to start developing your things, please check out the documentation wiki: