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Kickstarter campaign is live until the 15th of January

Hi guys,

The Kickstarter campaign is live! If you subscribed to receive a notification, you have already noticed it.

And we are up for a great start! The campaign is 47% funded in just 7 hours! Thank you so much for all the backers and supporters so far!

There are still plenty of kits left. If you are interested in backing the project, please check out the assembly guide or if you have any questions feel free to send them here or on the chat.



Thank you guys for the amazing support so far! The project is 79% funded in just 3 days. I have never dreamed of a better start. We are really close to make this a reality and get the kits to those who want to build their own YIO Remote!

There are still some kits left. Check out the Kickstarter page to get yours!

Wow! We have reached 100% funding! I would like to thank you all for the support. Without you, we couldn’t have done it! I am really excited an can’t wait to get you the kits so you can start building.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the campaign page. We have still a couple of kits left if you want to grab one!


Just a question, after backing I noticed a reservation in the credit card (of 0€). Now it has disappeared and I cannot find the transaction. Is this correct? Everything seems okay on my Kickstarter profile page.
Thanks and looking forward!

Thanks for backing the project. I think Kickstarter is checking your card if it’s valid, therefore the €0 reservation.

Please extend it until 25th of January. Else I cant get one and I need two of them.

@mutosan unfortunately, once the campaign is launched, I cannot change the deadline.

The YIO Remote is chosen as Kickstarter’s “Project We Love”! It’s so cool!
We have 11 days to go and have 8 kits left!


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Glad I was able to hear about this before the deadline! I, like many others, coming from neeo and looking forward to this. I know very little when it comes to software (more of a hardware guy), but I was able to cobble together a few basic (and buggy) drivers with the help of the neeo community. I enjoyed the learning experience, so I look forward to this as well!

Looks great!

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Welcome @ar23 to the community!
Thanks for backing the project! Feel free to post here if you have any questions.

Hi guys,

there were requests about pre-assembled YIO Remotes. Some of you have already offered help on the chat to help assemble the kits, but for the rest, I’ve created a reward on Kickstarter. It’s very limited as I’ll be doing these myself :slight_smile:

Also, we have made a lot of progress with improving the software, thanks to @zehnm! It lead to a little performance update and more responsive UI :wink:


Holy Crap that is looking fast. Great work @zehnm and guys.
Great to see the support from the community. It is one thing for people to say something is good and they want it, but another to actually put there hands in their pocket. Thanks everyone.
I think once the kits are out there we will see a lot of integrations coming through in the next 6 months.
As Marton has always said, the important thing is to get the backend and entities sorted out so people can get on with adding support for systems and products.
Absolutely fantastic response from everyone, both backers and developers. Goes to show how much something like this is needed to all those Smart Hubs out there.

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As mentioned I would like to order two but only able at rhe end of the month. If not will you make it possible to order them later on?

Hi @mutosan, as I wrote before I cannot change the end date of the campaign. If there will be extra available kits after the campaign, I’ll let you know here.

More assembled kits are up on the Kickstarter page:

We are getting closer to the end of the Kickstarter campaign. I can’t believe the support from you! It’s 142% funded! 6 days to go and 3 kits available still! :slight_smile:

Made a quick video walkthrough of the YIO Remote. Check it out!

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looking schmick. Hope mine turn out that good when I put it together :wink:
So happy to see the kickstarter campaign so successful. Its a credit to all your and the guys hard work. Well done, and thanks.

Thank you @AdrianLiteAutomation!

Quick question guys: did everyone get a kit, who wanted one? All the kits are gone, but we still have 4 days left and if there’s need for more, I could quickly figure something out. Please let me know!