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Kickstarter campaign is live until the 15th of January

Yep, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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Seen the kickstarter way too late. I would love to get my hands on one or two.

Hey @Falaxten! I’ll add more kits. Check the Kickstarter page in about half an hour. Thanks for the support!

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I have added more kits to Kickstarter page.

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Last call :slight_smile:
The Kickstarter campaign ends in 22 hours and we have exactly 1 kit available. If you missed it, now there’s a chance to get one!

@marton Congratulations to the funded Project! Can’t wait to see the project evolve!

Thank you! Now comes the fun part to get all the kits ready and sent out to some of you. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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I’m amazed by this project and would love to get me one. Unfortunately I only found out about the project after the kickstarter ended. Are there any plans on further sales of complete units after the campaign units are shipped? I’d be interested in buying an assembled kit since I don’t have any soldering experience (or tools). However, if kits were to be made available that would be nice too!

Thanks @jadlers!

Many asked about the possibility of getting a kit later. And I can only say the same thing as before that there might be kits available after the rewards are sent out. I don’t know how many yet. I’ll post about it here and on social media as well.

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@marton Alright, thanks and good luck now!

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@marton is there some kind of a waiting list for post-kickstarter kits? heard from this project just today and really want one!

There is no waiting list yet. I’ll post it here as well, when I have more concrete information about how many kits will be available after the rewards are shipped out!