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Little activity in this community

Hi all.
Before Christmas there was a lot of activity here in the Yio Remote community, but from the start of 2020 it’s been pretty silent. What has happened? Did all the activity move to the Kickstarter comment section and Github repository, or did the interest fade away after Kickstarter completion?

It would be nice to follow the software development and see how this project is coming along.

Hi @tordms

You’re right. I hope the interest hasn’t faded away. I guess the current world situation has an effect on this forum as well. I recently did a livestream and quite a few people showed up and planning to do another one soon. I’ll try to write a post where I sum up what happened regarding software. We’ve been quite busy :slight_smile:

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I think we need to keep this alive but with the global issues facing all of us this isnt a priority and I guess it we be here when we get back…

well all that got a remote now are tinkering with it probably. Still sad I could not get one at that time.

The rewards are not shipped out yet. We hit a bit of delay because of the epidemic. But soon they will be :slight_smile:

Yeah I hope people are just waiting to get their hands on a remote to start playing around, and then for sure comments will start flowing:-) BTW… did you ever recommend a place to source the pi and battery?

Yeah :slight_smile:

Just posted these two on the chat today. If you’re in Europe:

Are you taking about your first live stream?

Yes. Going to do another one soon about development environment setup and similar.

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Hi guys,

We are planning to do a livestream again next Saturday, where @zehnm would walk us through how to setup a development environment. Save the date! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it :+1: