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Looking to buy YIO kit or assembled unit

As the title states, I’m looking to buy a YIO kit or assembled unit. Willing to send money via PayPal only (for buyer protection).

If interested;
Please send an email to: bugs181@icloud.com
Or text message at: 217.883.0169

I’ve got one I could pass on, it’s already assembled and functioning though the firmware on it is way out of date as I’ve not had time to play with it since getting it put together. But assuming you’re cool with all that if you’re interested in the project at all.

Let me know via email if you’d like to buy it and what you’re willing to offer.

jamie AT methnen.com

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Sent an email to you! Sorry for the delay.

Just replied to your email. :slight_smile:

Did this kit get sold?

Yes, this kit was sold. Sorry.