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Managing device state in Remote Two

I am preparing to replace my Harmony with a Remote Two. And one of the most difficult topics when setting up my Harmony was taking state of a device into account to find out whether to trigger an action or how often to trigger it.

I have two examples:

When a device only has a “power toggle” button, but no dedicated “power on” & “power off” function, you need to know whether the device is already on before deciding whether to initiate a “power toggle” function or not. For example when starting a “Watch DVD” scene, you need to know whether “Watch TV” is already running and should not send a “power toggle” command to the TV in case it is.

My Digital-Analogue-Converter (DAC) does not have a remote command to choose a specific input source. Instead it has a command to toggle between the various sources. So the number of “Select Next Source” commands to be send to the device in a scene depends on the state of the device. From Source 1 to Source 3 it would be 2 “Select Next Source” commands, while it is only one if Source 2 is currently selected. Even switching the DAC off and on again does not bring it to a defined state as it remembers the last setting on power off.

When setting up a button that cycles between states in Harmony it is possible to specify whether to start from it’s last state and Harmony manages state handling. I had various issues with this at the beginning, but meanwhile Harmony has fixed them all. E.g. Harmony meanwhile even remembers state after an automatic software update, which always caused misalignments between the state in the Remote and the device before.

So my question is: Is this handling of state done by Remote Two? Or do I need to use a logic in my home automation environment to manage this?