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Media Player - Browsing Media

I think that media player feature will become really attractive when adding media browsing. I want to start now discussion of media browsing data model and GUI. My proposal is based on experience with Roon and UNDOK devices. Probably media browsing should be integrated as separate screen. Browsing should not influence media player screen, as long as no media is selected for playing. This data model allows integration of special sources like Internet Radio or Airplay.

Data Model :

  • MediaItem structure :

    • Title string
    • Subtitle string
    • Image string (local or remote url)
  • SelectedItem : MediaItem - set by integration

  • Items : Array of MediaItem - set by integration

  • BrowseActions : HOME, BACK, NEXT_ITEMS, PREV_ITEMS - enabled by integration

  • PlayActions : … - (n <= 4) - set by integration

Functions, commands to integration:

  • BrowseAction (string browseAction)
    BrowseActions are enabled/disabled,
    Items are updated
  • PlayAction (string playAction)
    Media player will be updated
  • Select (int itemIndex)
    SelectedItem will be updated
    BrowseActions are enabled/disabled, PlayActions are set


BrowseActions :

HOME: Display root of media hierarchy - enabled : always
BACK: Step back in hierarchy - enabled : if no root
NEXT_ITEMS: Next items - enabled : if more items available
PREV_ITEMS: Previous items - enabled : if previous items available

PlayActions :