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Microphone and voice assistant necessary

I know I’ve mentioned this before, and it’s a bit late to integrate into the existing remote, but I’m hoping the next edition you can start to look at adding a microphone and a button to activate it.
I’m finding now that alot of the TVs and media players and using voice assistants to make searching easier and faster, not to mention our smart hubs all have this options. And using the remote that is close to you is not only more convienient than your phone, it is also more accurate than yelling at an echo dot or similar across the room and over the movie that may be playing.
This way too, companies could perhaps also integrate their own voice assistants onto the remote, such as JoshAI, or other opensourced versions.

I plan on using the YIO as a replacement for my Nvidia Shield remote, and will sorely miss the Google assistant button.
As more media devices and TVs use Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri(!?), The lack of a microphone will become more and more evident.

I am considering the possibility of using a Bluetooth or USB microphone to pick up commands, and creating a button in the YIO UI to basically activate the Shield’s Google assistant listen mode… Though that will definitely feel like a hack and not a seamless integration.

Really do wish a mic is a possibility at some point.

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I recognise the possibilities a microphone can add, but in this version, it is simply not possible. Not even at this point, when I am putting together a kickstarter campaign for the kit.

Maybe in the next version :wink:

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