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My experiences with assembling

if you are going to buy a USB-C cable make sure the connector is not too thick. I had to adjust mine

To give the battery more space, I soldered the wires perpendicular to the pogo pins

I have a problem. I have built two remote controls and both cannot be switched on. I will try to charge the batteries. When checking the solder joints with a multimeter, I found that despite correct soldering, a pin between Raspi and YIO had no contact. I was able to establish contact by placing a bypass. I hope that the remote controls can be switched on after a few hours of charging

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. If the soldering is correct, there should be contact between the two boards. Please double check that solder flow correctly.

The batteries need to be charged to be able to turn on the remote.

I saw your solder work on the homey forum.
Try to let the tin flow a little better. I want to start soldering later, but first I want to test my Pi and am still waiting for an HDMI mini cable for that job

I checked all solder joints for continuity. Everything was fine except for one pin.

ok, then I hope that Yio will start up when the battery is charged, good luck :blush:

Marton, do you have a link to an SD card image to test the Rasberri Pi zero?
I only want to connect an HDMI monitor

The latest SD card images are here:

However if you just want to test the Raspberry Pi to make sure it works, I would suggest to download a raspbian lite image:

Then set it up headless with wifi:

If the Pi shows up on the network, it works.

The YIO image won’t work with a HDMI monitor. It’s configured for the touchscreen.

thanks, i’m going to work with it

Maybe a solution to stick some tape see picture. the mainboard may come in contact with the housing

Yes, or you can also just put it on the other side of the main board.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi headless.
Good advice Marton, I have an extra IP address on my WIFI so the PI works. I can move on.

Great! Let me know if you need help, I am actually also assembling remotes at the moment :slight_smile:

battery voltage is 3.7. if I press OK nothing comes up. i see backlight.what now?

the tricky connector on the back of the main board, which way does it lock, off the cable or towards the cable?

If you see backlight that means the Pi booted. I can see the display ribbon cable is not straight. Could you adjust it? There’s a latch on the connector that needs to be closed to lock the ribbon in place.

The small tricky ribbon is for the touch.

Make sure to turn off the remote by pressing the OK for more than 5 seconds, until the backlight turns off.

The connector should look like this:

Both connectors lock when they are parallel with the cable. They are open when they stand perpendicular.

The little tricky ribbon is for the touch. OK.
That connecter has just broken, I am trying to fix them, it is difficult. I’ll keep you informed