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My experiences with assembling

beide achteroverdrukken? tis mij nog niet duidelijk

These are delicate things. Maybe you can try to put a bit of tape there to hold the cable in place. Once you screw the board down, they won’t move and there’s enough friction that there would be a connection.



than you, connector seems repaired

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Assemble again.
When I press OK the backlight turns on and the PI flashes. nothing else happens. If the OK button is pressed for 5 sec, the backlight goes out

Did you adjust the big ribbon cable? So it sits parallel and all the way in?

The connector should be ok.

You could also check that all the GPIOs have a good solder connection to the YIO board. Just touch them up with the iron.

Is there any damage on the ribbon cable?

When you turn on the remote the Pi starts blinking. Early in the boot process the LED is turned off for power saving. Next it turns on the backlight. Then initialises the display. It takes a couple of seconds (5-10) to boot up.

I checked the GPIOs
the same here. LED flashes twice and a light organ and backlight come on.

battery power now is 4 volts

It’s hard to make it out of the picture, because it’s quite low res, but I think some of the pins would need a bit more solder. The display needs very good solder joints, otherwise it won’t work.

Otherwise it looks like the Pi boots. You can try to create a wpa_supplicant.conf file and copy to the boot partition on the SD card. Then it should join the wifi network. If that works, it’s probably solder joints that are not working.

Other cause could be a broken ribbon cable.

I am very disappointed. Despite 4 hours of charging, both YIOs do not turn on.
I give up for today and will check all connections again tomorrow according to the construction plan.
Both docks were found in the wifi immediately. The raspis were checked before assembly. I am at a loss.

Soldering PCBs was part of my job (40 years ago) :grinning:

wpa_supplicant.conf added in the boot on the SD card. probably the same IP as in the PI test. can i see that?
Dock flashes as before

Ah ok :slight_smile: This image looks better.
If it’s the same ip, try pinging that ip or ssh into it:
user: root
password: yioremote

Dock flashes because it’s in setup mode. It has created a wifi network YIO-Dock-xxxx, join that and a page will popup where you can set up your wifi.

Could you take a picture of the soldering on both sides?

can you further explain the above or indicate how I can reach the remote from Google Chrome? something like, which I think is the internal IP ades.

the Dock was able to squeeze in on Wifi and it no longer flashes.

If the ip address is the one you’ve mentioned then the web configurator can be accessed at

Does the display work?

no then I don’t get anything back.

Diplay still does not work. aucc meanwhile at 4,166 volts

Could you ssh into the remote ssh root@ password is: yioremote?

Then please run the command i2cdetect -y 3 and let me know the results?

how can I make sure this is the correct IP address?

Could you ssh into the remote ssh root@ password is: yioremote ? Connection timed out