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New dock hardware works. Esp32 + IR


I had some time today to assemble the new dock boards with the esp wroom 32 modules.
I have tested the IR learning and sending capabilities with the acrylic cover on top and it works. I need to get longer USB-C cables and then I can test the range, but so far approx. 2m in 90º is covered. Also there is a jack plug for IR extenders.

So the following features will be added to the remote:

  • change the charging LED brightness from the remote settings page
  • IR learning & sending & support for various codes

All the above still needs to be coded, but I am happy that the hardware works.


Just a little update on the software part.
The dock can receive the wifi ssid and password via bluetooth now. Then connects to the wifi network. If there’s an error it defaults back to bluetooth and waits for the info.

The IR learning and sending works. I managed to teach it my projector’s remote and turned on the projector with the dock. Still needs to be connected to the remote.