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New YIO Documentation site

Hi all!

I’m announcing the new YIO Remote documentation site!

The new website features:

  • Fast loading :rocket:
  • Light and dark mode :first_quarter_moon:
  • Browse easily with table of contents :page_with_curl:
  • Mobile friendly :iphone:
  • Searchable docs :mag_right:
  • Open source :open_book:

The former style with the GitHub Wiki felt a bit user-unfriendly and sending in corrections just was unfeasible for others that wanted to help. After working on it for two weeks, it has been quickly merged by @marton (thank you!).

With the new site, it should feel a lot friendlier to browse through the documentation for when you need help with the YIO remote. And not only that, everything is open source and still written in Markdown! This means you can at any time click the β€œEdit this page” on the bottom and start sending in corrections to make the documentation better :tada:

I hope you all will find this documentation update useful. And if you see something that needs to be fixed, we’re always happy for corrections!


Looks great, and a good readable design too!

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