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OLED display consideration

@marton Not sure if it’s the right place, but there seem to be no discussion on hardware, so, have you considered OLED instead of LCD? IMO it would be so much better, especially considering it would be used as remote for media, which can be in dark environment and it also draws less power, which would help with battery life. Also, it seems the center buttons are really close to each other, obviously I haven’t used it myself, but is it prone to pressing nearby buttons by accident?

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Hey @yuri

I moved the post to a new topic and to the right category.

I have looked at OLED displays, but I couldn’t find one with the right size and a capacitive touch overlay. I talked to a manufacturer to create a custom touch overlay, but that has an approx. tool cost of $1000 and a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces. That would only work if the scale of interest would match that :slight_smile:

I built a remote with the buttons (final buttons arriving soon) and I think you cannot press two buttons at the same time accidentally. The corner buttons have a bevel towards the middle, so when your finger rests on them you only feel the right ones.

That’s good to know. Sad that there’s trouble sourcing OLED, well there’s always hope your project goes well and version 2 will be more feasible with OLED :crossed_fingers:

OLED would definitely help with battery life. I haven’t given up on it, but as you said, maybe for version 2 :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about this. But obviously this is only my opinion, entirely up to Marton whether to implement it or not.

Even though I believe OLED is beautiful, i start to also think whether it isn’t a bit overkill for a remote? What actual benefits would the price difference really bring to the remote?

With the dark background it can definitely improve battery life, but an LCD display is really great already. But the features being implemented (proximity sensor and ambient sensor to dim the screen etc) are already very neat features to help the battery life. Also the Qi charging option is great. When I don’t use it, it’s there charging on the Qi charger or the Yio Dock.

Unless there are really major things to have OLED implemented (other remotes like Harmony Elite also use LCD if i’m not mistaken).

Well, remote mostly displays UI, not images or webpages, and that UI has black background, which looks so much better on OLED, making that borderless experience of screen and bezels like that of Apple Watch, and when you are planning to get a freaking remote for you smart devices it’s obvious you are not saving money, you are buying luxury of not having 5 remotes laying around, so price is not something that would stop me if it was say $350 instead of $300 (and it would probably be less than 50$ premium if made in considerable volume)

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I completely agree with @yuri. If I had the funds, I’d have already gotten a custom overlay done :slight_smile: Just for UI looks reasons.

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I agree, oleds are beautiful. Own an apple watch 4 myself, so i know what you mean.

If the price is right, then obviously why not. Paying a few hundred more for just the display would not really trigger me to buy/upgrade.

I know its luxury, but also there, the price and what you get for it needs to be balanced. Again, my opinion :slight_smile:

OLED with a dark UI would be great! i think it saves a bit of space to?

For my wall display, I’ve started off with a dark UI. As it’s not oled light leaking will happen on certain angles. I’ve tested a white UI to see how that works and stuck with it. With the backlight turned way down it still looks good and saves on power. It’s worth testing how this performs on a remote in real situations.

I have been looking at this as well, because dark UI in bright daylight is not really visible. There’s a switch where you can turn dark mode on and off and I would like to add an option to switch automatically between the 2 modes based on ambient light.

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i think it looks great!

Just thinking laterally a bit… did you ever establish what that final cost per piece would be (not inc the tool cost ) ?

Not really to be honest. As far as I can see from the polls, there are around 80-100 people interested in buying a kit, so it’s far away from 1000 units.

OK, at 100 it’s tough although I’m optimistic it will become a lot more.

I was looking to absorb some of the cost myself with a way to recoup that loss over time / sales.


I haven’t given up on the idea. Probably not with this but with the next version it could happen

I would happily absorb some cost to get it OLED but its not an option now :frowning:

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If i like to upgrade a yio Remote to oled which technical requirements needs the screen?

I’m not sure it’s possible to find a drop in replacement for the display. OLED displays don’t use LEDs for backlight and their interface might be different for control. My best bet is that you need to design a PCB around that display.