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PCBs arrived, getting closer - 2019.04.30

Hi all,

I was really excited today, because the PCBs arrived. I rushed home after work to test them.

I started with the dock PCB. The pogo pins line up perfectly with the 3D print. It needs a little push to snap into place. The USB connector brings 5V to the pogo pins and the fully charged and the breathing charging LEDs both work.

Here is the dock from the bottom with the PCB installed:

I have also tested the main PCB. The power circuitry works. One short press on the middle button turns on the power to the Pi. Holding it down for more than 3 seconds cuts the power. The battery charging part also works and it seamlessly switches between battery and USB power.

On the software side, the display works, I can see all the i2c devices. I have to do further testing to make sure all the chips work as they should.

And the PCB with the Pi mounted fits in the aluminium case and the buttons line up with the membrane switches on the PCB.

Here are a few quick shots:

I am planning to build a remote in the weekend to see if everything fits and make a lot of tests. I am still waiting for a sample of the rubber buttons, but all the parts are almost there.



Looking great! How does it cope with the charging heat? Discharges the heath well due the aluminium case?

Update from discord: