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Power cable won't fit in the dock

Hi, so I’ve received mine and its beautifully made thanks @marton.

I bought a Pi charger to charge it but unfortunately the cable collides with the dock itself and won’t plug in. Even the supplied cable won’t fit, I tooka photo but its apparently too large to upload. Any suggestions on a new PSU?

Hi @Paul,
The supplied cable shout fit, that’s why it’s there :slight_smile:
Maybe it needs a bit of convincing but it definitely fits.

I know I can put a little pressure on but didn’t wanna risk snapping the dock connector itself. I will push it in at the angle then, even though it feels wrong haha.

Edit - when I say angle we are talking very small here to be clear. I’m just being careful.

I shaved down the Pi4 charger with a knife and we are up and running. Just a flashing white led on the dock. I’m assuming it’s charging. Will come back to it in an hour or so.

If the dock is flashing it’s in setup mode. Connect to its WiFi network and set it up. When the remote is charging the dock LED will “breath”.

Much appreciated, sorted now it’s charging. Saved me some time.

No problem! :slight_smile:

I recommend you to use chargers for Samsung phones. Fits very well.

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Just to add to this thread for others. My Pi 4 charger fitted fine. It’s a tight fit but I didn’t have to modify anything.