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Preparing for Kickstarter

Also from my side: Shut up and take my money :slight_smile:


@marton Wow wow wow!
Finally I can retire my NEEO which is still in heavy use but yeah no battery replacement and has at least a OpenHAB integration but could be much better. I even just bought another NEEO so in case something fails I can replace the components, and I like my Kickstarter NEEO but yeah no support anymore and just decent home automation integration…

So if you need help testing the YIO with OpenHAB I like to help you as much as I can. Currently I control as much as possible of my home with the NEEO and OpenHAB. I have programing skills in several languages use them daily and a full working home automation based on the latest OpenHAB version. Send me a PM if you’re interested!

And yeesss more buttons and dedicated pause/play buttons another awesome feature that I missed on the NEEO!

Sorry for the mixed up post but I’m really excited!


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Thanks @gekoch! :slight_smile: We plan on supporting OpenHAB and once we’re there with the beta test program, OpenHAB setups will be a big help.

I think I can say that in the name of the whole team that we are also really excited about Remote Two and can’t wait to launch the Kickstarter campaign and make it a reality! :slight_smile:

Glad I stumbled on the Yio, I definitely want one of these. Only downside is I’ll have to wait a year to get one!

Thanks! I wish we could do it faster. Secretly hoping that the global situation gets better sooner than later :crossed_fingers:

Can’t wait!! Would love to help beta test with Home Assistant!

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So excited for this! Would love beta test whenever the time comes. I’ve got a healthy amount of consumer IoT QA under my belt, if it helps :slight_smile:


I heard about this on the Home Assistant 2021.9 launch party today! Took all my google-foo to find how to spell YIO, but I found it. Super excited!

2 things

  • Can you please ship to Australia (I don’t care if I must find my own power supply for the base - that’s fine)
  • Might be great if you’re able to put a mailing list sign-up on yio-remote.com so we get an email when the Kickstarter goes live.

Can’t wait team! :heart:

Welcome! I’m glad you found it :slight_smile:

We’ll send out a mail and share it everywhere, when we go live!

My Logitech Harmony remote has died so I am looking for a suitable replacement. I have looked into Home Assistant seems it seems to be high on the priority list for this remote. I have setup an activity style digital remote in HA using views, view navigation, states and scripts (and a Broadlink RM4 mini for IR). But without a physical remote it leaves a lot to be desired.

I saw your sneak peek setup video on Twitter but I am curious how I can use the remote to create an activity based remote with HA? Is it possible to map the buttons to run scripts? Is it possible to map an on screen selection to run a script, i.e. trigger the activity selection? Is there a better way to accomplish an activity based setup?

Home Assistant is one of the first things that we already have working, but next to that we plan to support the most popular home automation platforms:

  • Homey Pro
  • OpenHAB
  • Hubitat
  • ioBroker
  • Domoticz

Just to name a few.

You will be able to launch activities from the remote that you have defined in HA. And yes, it would be possible to map commands to buttons or touchscreen buttons.

We’ll also have native activity support, meaning that you will be able to create activities where the logic is handled on the remote. In these activities you can mix IR commands with commands sent to HA for example. Maybe that is something that could be a better option for you.

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Will Hubitat be considered as well?

Yes! We have the following on our list regarding home automation systems we’re planning to support:

  • Home Assistant
  • Homey Pro
  • OpenHAB
  • Hubitat
  • ioBroker
  • Domoticz
  • IKEA Trådfri Hub
  • HomeKit
  • Matter (when it’s released)
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Also, any rough idea as to when the Kickstarter will launch? It says summer but I kind of feel that we aren’t in summer anymore.

We had some delays, but wanted to launch this week. However Kickstarter still hasn’t reviewed our campaign. I’ve talked to their support that said they are really busy and we should be patient. I do hope it’s not gonna be more than a few days and then finally we can launch. We have cool early bird pledges ready :wink:


no smart things? fingers crossed someone can make it happen with the api!


Get ready, we’re launching tomorrow: http://kickstarter.yio-remote.com :partying_face::rocket:

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Of course I find this today. Such a amazing product, got my notifications ready!

Can you make us a belt holder, so we can be ready for a dual?

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thanks for the youtube presentation, it was good to see what you promise is real about functionality !
For the next session, could you show us the web interface ?
And question for CEC, the dock will not have hdmi. How the remote will know if a component of the home system is turned on by “hand” (I mean with the button on it)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Knowing the states of IR devices has always been a challenge. It’s a one way protocol, so you don’t get any feedback if the device received the command or not. We’ll try to build in solution that could help resolve these issues, but there’s no ultimate solution even with CEC.