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I’ve installed Qt because I want to create an integration for it.
But at this moment I’m stuck with the first initial setup. When I start the virtual remote, it pops up and says that I need to surf to my localhost ( But this location does not work. Do I miss something, that the dock server does not start or so?


The remote starts up in “setup mode”, when the configuration is still the default. You need to edit the config.json file to add at least a favorites or settings page to the default profile.

Thank you, works good now.

Is there any information about how to add an integration? For instance, if I would like to add the Spotify integration but in Qt, how to do this? I’m searched the wiki, but no example is there.

You can setup the spotify integration via the Webconfig. There is no need to add it via the QT Programming interface.
Or did i misunderstand your question?

I want to create an integration for Loxone. So I’m trying to see how I can test the entire setup in Qt. Since the web interface should be the localhost, but there is nothing active. So I’m a little stuck about how to proceed.

It’s a little disappointing to see that the github page integrations is not entirely up to date. Hope in the future things will evolve. Love the project.

You need to manually add entires to config.json. The web configurator is hosted on the remote. If you want to get that work, you need to clone that repo, edit the server.ts file so it points to your machine and then it should work. But please note that in this case, you’ll loose the config.json file, every time you do a clean build.

We’re trying to get things updated, but at the moment it’s only two of us working on this project in their free time, so things take a while :slight_smile:

Thank you Marton for the clear answer.
I know things take a while if you need to do it in your spare time.

I was trying to see if there is an easy way to incorporate python into the remote, but don’t see it yet for now. Main reason is there is already a lot of library/scripts available in python for IOT

You could modify the buildroot configuration and include python in the OS, but python is more resource heavy than C++ and you’ll see battery life decrease.

Python can easily be included with a custom remote-os build if you have a Linux machine / VM. In Buildroot search for Python: make menuconfig. The main package is BR2_PACKAGE_PYTHON. When enabled through menuconfig, all dependencies are automatically selected as well.

Well, this should be BR2_PACKAGE_PYTHON3 nowadays :slight_smile:
@kclemen let me know if you need help compiling a custom remote-os image.