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Qt Remote Software on Linux

i followed the instructions in the git repo to import the projects into the Qt IDE and was able to run the remote software.
Unfortunately i cannot do anything because the emultated remote has no network connection. The notifications say that the Bluetooth and WiFi device were not found.

Are there more steps required to setup wifi for the emulated remote?

Hi there. I was in the same situation but found out the default port is 946 which is below 1000 so it’s a privileged port.

To get up and running you have to change a couple of things. In yioapi.cpp (remote-software > sources) replace all occurrences of 946 to 1946, also in the web-configurator you would have to change the port to 1946 in server.ts.

thanks for the reply. I already figured it out and suggested to update the wiki to marton via discord. Just forgot to update this thread.