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Remaining YIO kits are available


I have ordered more kits to cover accidental damage/loss during shipping. Fortunately only 2 packages were damaged or lost, so I’m left with extras.

I have created a temporary opencart store, so it’s somewhat organised how these will be sold. This store will be online until the last order is shipped off and arrived. After that I’ll take the store down.

How it works:

  • Go to http://store.yio-remote.com
  • You can choose to have the remote pre-assembled or as a kit
  • There will be one payment option called Bank transfer. This is just so you can check out without payment. Once I have processed your order you will receive a PayPal link for payment. If you’d like to use bank transfer anyways, please write it in the comment for your order.
  • If you’d like an invoice for a company, please provide an EU VAT number in the comment for the order.
  • You will receive updates via e-mail of your order.

I have ordered shipping material, that should arrive next week. Once it’s here I’ll start shipping out orders.

I will do my best to ship orders out as fast as I can, but please be patient. I’ll process orders as they come in. Pre-assembled remotes take a bit longer.

Please remember, this is still the same DIY kit. It’s not a retail product!

I also have more of some of the parts. For example, I have some extra buttons, because of MOQ. I also have some damaged aluminium housings (scratches on surface, of course this would be a reduced price). I have also gotten a coupon from the PCB manufacturer, so there’s enough people who would like to buy just the PCBs, I can get some more manufactured. I have VERY limited number of displays available (like 5 or so). If you’d like to buy just these parts, please vote in the poll below and I’ll put them up for sale in the store as well:

  • I would like just the buttons
  • I would like just the not-so-perfect housing
  • I would like just the PCBs
  • I would like just the display

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Nice, i ordered one. I know you are pretty busy but do you have an ETA on when the payment link will be sent?
Thanks :slight_smile:

When I get to processing your oder, I’ll send the link. But don’t worry, your order is secure.
I would say a week or so. I’m waiting for more shipping material to arrive. I ran out of boxes :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve tried to order but get this error Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please [contact us] for assistance.

Hi @JonathanM,

Where are you based at?

I’m based in the UK.

Right, it’s not part of the EU in this app :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve added it. Should work now.

Hi @marton that’s worked thank you.

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Thank you guys for all the orders! Looks like the remaining kits are gone.

I have started packing and building. Some of you have already received the payment link. Don’t worry, if you have placed an order it’s secured. I’ll start shipping some kits this week, but most of the kits and assembled remotes will ship from next week.

When I’m done with shipping, I’ll do another round of inventory to see what’s left and put up the remaining individual parts as well that you voted for.

Thanks again!

@marton Can you add Norway for shipping

Hey @pezman, I am sorry, but as I wrote in the previous post, all the kits are gone.

Oh wow… i know you said to watch on the forum but I didn’t expect all the kits to come and go so quick… :slight_smile:
Are you planing to get more soon? Still looking to order one for myself!

Mine is available on ebay at present :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi marton, just wanted to check in to see how I can get one of the kits?

Mine has now been sold. I will still jump on here for a look from time to time with my eye for a 2.0 and with hopes for something closer to a retail product user experience (I know its a kit).

Hi guys,

If you’ve placed an order for a kit, please check your spam folders. I’ve been trying to contact some of you to verify shipping addresses and payments.


I’ve ordered a few more PCBs, so with that very few kits will be available when they are ready in 3-4 weeks.

There will also be just the PCBs, housing, buttons and displays available.


Hi guys,

Due to cancellations, 2 kits are available:

Hi guys,

Just received the extra boards, that I have ordered. I need to test them, then they will be up in the store with the rest of parts I have remaining.



Hi @marton,

When can I order a kit again?

Greetings, René